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when the wine is an invitation to travel

Vidigueira has always been connected to the wineyard. The word itself « Vidigueira » derives from the Latin  » Vidigeria » or Wineyard, and this unequivovally explains the strong relationship that this location maintains, since the Antiquity, with the culture of the wine.

The Vidigueira area presents favourable conditions to create precious nectares and its singular variety of castes give rise as well to a wide variety of scents and flavours.

It is also imperious to add that the vinous landscape are not only aesthetically pleasant but they also provide unique leisure moments to the ones who really appreciate to be often in touch with nature. We invite you to discover its landscape, cuisine, wines, the culture as well as its proper and unique art of hospitality.

Wine road Quand-le-vin-est-un-voyage

The natural landscape of Vidigueira which marks the border between the Upper and Lower Alentejo, determines the « Raison d’être » of Vidigueira, the east-West facing escarpment defines the climate of Vidigueira, and, despite its deep-lying southem location, makes it one of the most temperate sub-regions in the Alentejo.

We propose you to explore some of the famous vineyards and wineries nearby.
With wine tasting and opportunity to purchase wines on places.

Good to know…

Vidigueira is the capital of Alentejano wine and Vila de Frades is the capital of wine of talha. (Wine produced in small production according to the olds methods without additions preservatives)

Wine-road Talha wine

Vineyards Discoveries Program

From one to six days – for 2 to 5 riders from 16 years

Vineyards trail Herdade do Rocim

Herdade do Rocim

(Recommended trail for intermediate rider level)

Herdade do Rocim is a wine House located on a plot of 120 hectares of which 70 are devoted to the vines and 10 to the olive groves. They produce fresh, elegant and mineral wines.

  • Breakfast at the ranch
  • Ride into the vineyard of Herdade do Rocim (about 1h30 riding / 8 km)
  • Back to the ranch – Horse care
  • Lunch at the ranch – shower time
  • Departure with the jeep to visite the wine House & wine testing with the possibility to buy vine on the place
  • Dinner at the ranch

Vineyards Herdade do Rocim

Quinta do Quetzal

Quinta do Quetzal is a modern cellar that preserves both ancient techniques and Roman and regional traditions. There is also an exhibition of modern art.

  • Breakfast at the ranch
  • Ride into the vineyard of Quinta do Quetzal (about 2h30 riding /16 km)
  • Back to the Ranch
  • Horse care
  • Lunch at the ranch
  • Departure with the jeep to visite the wine House & wine testing with the possibility to buy vine on the place
  • Free time – shower time
  • Dinner at the ranch

Vineyards Vin Adega Cooperativa

Adega Cooperativa Vidigueira Cuba e Alvito

The Wine Cooperative of Vidigueira is the culture of wine since antiquity, Vidigueira produces wines with a great variety of scents and flavors. This place is the Capital of wine in Alentejo.

  • Breakfast at the ranch
  • Trail to Vidigueira (about 1h15 riding / 7 km)
  • Visit et wine testing at the Wine Cooperative of Vidigueira
  • Trail to the ranch (about 1h15 min / 7 km)
  • Horse care
  • Free time – shower time
  • Dinner at the ranch

Trail Vin Vineyards- Quinta das Ratoeiras

Sancucufate & Quinta das Ratoeiras

Sancucufate are the oldest Roman ruins of the Iberian Peninsula. Quinta das Ratoeiras is an agricultural and wine property, with vineyards, olive groves, orange trees … They produce modern wine and talha wine.

  • Breakfast at the ranch
  • Ride to visit The ruins of Sancucufate in Vila de Frades (about 1h20 riding / 7 km)
  • Ride to Quinta das Ratoeiras to make a riding visit of the vineyard  (about 30 min)
  • Pic-nic at the Quinta das Ratoeras
  • Wine testing at the Quinta das Ratoeiras
  • Trail to the Ranch (about 1h riding / 7 km)
  • Horse care
  • Free time – shower time
  • Dinner at the ranch

Vin de Pais das Uvas

Pais das Uvas

Pais das Uvas is a wine House / Restaurant located in Vila de Frades, offering typical dishes of the region and talha wine directly from the amphora.

  • Breakfast at the ranch
  • Trail riding to Vila de Frades (about 1h riding/ 6 km)
  • Lunch at the Restaurant Pais das Uvas
  • Trail to the Ranch (about 1h riding / 6 km)
  • Horse Care
  • Free time – shower time
  • Dinner at the Ranch

Vin Vineyards Adega Monte Pedral

Adega da Casa de Monte Pedral

The Adega da Casa de Monte Pedral is a Wine House & a Restaurant. Located in the heart of the village of Cuba, it is one of the oldest residences of this village. A small palace with a vaulted architecture of an area of 1.285 m2 restored in 1804.

  • Breakfast et the Ranch
  • Départ du ranch à cheval pour Cuba. (about 1h riding/ 8 km)
  • Wine testing at the Wine house of Monte Pedral
  • Lunch at the Restaurant of the Wine House of Monte Pedral
  • Trail to the Ranch (about 1h riding / 8 km)
  • Horse Care
  • Free time – shower time
  • Dinner at the Ranch

Price: 120 € per person for a day. Full Board. Accommodation in teepee.

To note : Wine tours will be organized according to the availability and opening days of the cellars and weather forecasts.

Also note: Including a rest / tourism day in the program of activities can be useful for the smooth functioning of the activities. This option offers the possibility of organizing a day of rest in case of heavy rain or heat.

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