The Rancho dollar

dollar ranch do novo mundo dos aplati

The Rancho dollar, a NEW kind of money accepted at the ranch

The rancho dollar is a money edited by us that can only be use at the Ranch do Novo Mundo.
The value of the rancho dollar is : One rancho dollar = One €

The rancho dollar Back

This is great !!!

With your “rancho dollars” you can pay a part
of your equestrian activities at the ranch,
depending on the activities, see below for more details

How to get some rancho dollar for free ?

– Meet us and get some for free
– Come to our place and make some equestrian activities and get some for free
– Let us your adresse in the form below and get some for free by the post

The rancho dollar can be use by everybody at the ranch, so you can share or give them to our friends.

Enjoy live at the ranch with your rancho dollars !
And don’t forget :

Take time to be Happy

For most of our activities, the maximum participation in paying with your rancho dollar is a 1/3 of the total amount.  Not available for the Equestrian wine test tour, the trails and other promotion prices.

Full this form and receive your Rancho dollars by the post
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