The Teepees

The teepees of The Ranch do Novo Mundo

Accommodation in Teepees

We offer you the opportunity to stay in our real teepees! The word tepee or “tipi” comes into English from the Lakota language. The Lakota word thípi [ˈtipi] means « a dwelling » or « they dwell », from the verb thí, meaning « to dwell ». Tepee evoke a communal spirit with their circular shape reflecting the natural cycles of life from planetary movements to the changing of the seasons. Connecting us with the outdoors and nature. Teepees used by the Plains Indians were designed to keep the occupants warm in the winter and cool in the summer; our tepees are designed and constructed just as they were back then.

Nuitée en tipi au ranch - Sleeping in teepees at the ranch

Tipi avec deux lits une personne - on of the two Teepees

As well as the Teepees there is a traditional saloon, toilets and showers available close to the teepees onsite.

not far from the teepees- toilets and showers


Cuisine of The New World

During your stay you can taste the flavors of the South, the Portuguese regional cuisine and typical Tex-Mex dishes.


If you don’t fancy staying in the Teepee, we can provide you with information, availability of local partner hotels!

Hôtel à Cuba if you than want to stay in teepees

Hospedaria do Carmo

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