Riding out

Riding out with Ranch du Novo Mundo


We offer horseback riding on a red ocher earth, passing through olive groves and vineyards we reach a more or less hilly squeezed as tightened, the way you will cross cows, wild bulls and sheep living in freedom. In the sky you’ll see egrets, storks, vultures and eagles…
The roads are lined with an explosion of varieties of plants and wild flowers. Spring is particularly wonderful and colorful. Trees vary over paths we pass through oaks, olive trees, palm trees, eucalyptus, pines, orange trees, lemon trees, cactus and bamboo …

It is impossible to define exactly how long is a trip, vary according to many criteria, distances traveled and the type of terrain, the level and endurance riders, the type of desired walks and breaks, weather conditions …

We offer you therefore to book a package containing a minimum number of hours of walks which will be spread over the duration of your stay.

Horseback rides are intended for riders from 14 years overpowering the three gaits.

Riding out in Vila de Frades

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