The pools of Vidigueira & Cuba

Les jardins des piscines de Vidigueira - Pools garden

Pools of Vidigueira

The pools of Vidigueirea is composed of:
an outdoor paddling pool for children, an outdoor Olympic swimming pool and a dives pool.
A indoor pool for children and another less deep indoor pool for smallest children.
Water temperature: 29°

We offer for people who wish a free lift service to Vidigueira at swimming complex.

The complex has also various sports courts.

Les plongeoirs de 2,5 à 10 mètres de haut

Open from tuesday to sunday.  From 10 am to 1 pm & 3 pm to 8pm ( saturday closing at 7pm )
Guarded pool, bar, free wifi at the terrace.

La piscine olympique extérieure

See more picture here

Pools discoveries of Cuba

Access by the pool garden and public roads. Changing rooms, showers ladies / men, individual locker room for disabled, ticket office, café with terrace.

Aid station, showers monitors and vigilant, monitor room.
The main pool has plunge pool and a water slide.
Leisure and fun activities and has a bar with a terrace.
Soccer field, water tank and garden.

Business hours
Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 h to 19h45m
Closed on Monday
Indoor & Outdoor pools

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