Our Horses

Our horses

All of our horses are of Portuguese and American Indian Paint Horse heritage. They have 24/7 turn out all year round and are barefoot (not shod). This natural way of living gives them a peaceful, content temperament. It encourages, group spirit and physical fitness.

Our passion for horses make sure they get the attention and respect they deserve. Combining our horses with our beautiful environment, it brings nothing but happiness. We offer you to share this unique experience by focusing on the relationship with your traveling companion in a preserved natural setting.


Chelsey is a piebald mare; she is the eldest of the herd! Chelsey is almost our most experienced team member, on a trail ride she is lead horse. Chelsey is also a seasoned show horse, she has ridden out in Belgium, France and Portugal. Chesley is truly a pleasure horse, she has super comfortable gaits and looks after her mounts.Chelsey - cheval paint horse


Zelada is a young mare pure bred Appaloosa. The appaloosa horse was originally bred by the Nez Percé people, Nez Perce is an exonym given by French Canadian fur traders who visited the area regularly in the late 18th century, meaning literally “pierced nose”. Today the Nez Perce identify most often as Niimíipu in Sahaptinnose-pierced Indian. Zelda is a riding horse and the mother of our little filly called Easy.

Zelda cheval appaloosa du Ranch do Novo Mundo


Tomka a piebald gelding, the youngest of our working horses at the Ranch. Tomka is a very sweet and trusted horse. He is the Brad Pit of the Band!Tomka cheval Paint Horse


Talismão is a Portuguese Cruzado horse, he is the largest of the herd. Historically a cruzado may be a crossbred, but could simply be a true Lusitano whose pedigree is incomplete! When you ride Talismao you feel as though you are riding on clouds. The Cruzado are powerful horses, noted for their intelligence and willing nature, the breed’s gaits are agile and elevated!
Talsimao Cheval Lusitano