Galerie photos – Photo Gallery – Galerias de fotos

Galerie Photos – Photo Gallery – Galeria de fotos

Fleurs et plantes d’Alentejo – Flowers and Plants from Alentejo

Beautiful in all seasons Alentejo has sun all over the year, this makes the nature of Alentejo always wonderful. If you want to know more about Alentejo have a look to our page introducing Alentejo.

Happy horses & Happy riders

Riding is an apprenticeship that will bring you a lot in your daily life. You will learn to observe, to listen, to work as a team with your horse as an partner. You will strengthen your self-confidence, balance and coordination. A good way to be happy in life.

Galerie – Sunsets in Alentejo

Western ambiance at the pool - Galerie photo

Sunsets in Alentejo are so beautiful, everyday another sunset is coming at the end of the day. From the terraces of Sharish Monte das Estevas the vue combine with the Serra d’Ossa just in front and the swimming pool is so Amazing.

Galerie – Estremoz the white city of Alentejo



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