Family ranch holidays

Nature family holidays in Portugal

Getting up with the sun and fall asleep with the stars

Family stays holidays in tipis

Family Holidays stays in tipis - Les nuitées en famille dans les tipis

The entrances of our teepees located towards the east respects the Amerindian tradition. Although a tipi does not have windows, it is a pleasant, reassuring and very bright living space. Sleeping in a tipi gives you the pleasant feeling of getting up with the sun and sleeping with the stars as if you were sleeping in the middle of nature. Clean air, owl chant and dream catcher offer peaceful nights for parents and children alike.

Family Holidays stays in tipis - Les tipis du ranch la nuit

Sleeping in a tipi is much more than an unusual or unforgettable experience. Your dreams will become messengers. The benefits of your nights in tipis will be felt from the first night. After three nights a feeling of peace will continue to grow in you. The next step will be to feel that sleeping in a teepee is something magical and wonderful. You will feel an inner wisdom more and more important and this exceptional experience will not stop when you leave the ranch, you will take it with you on leaving holidays.

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Teepees in B&B

Nature Holidays

Family Holidays stays in tipis - vivre la nature en famille

We are located in the countryside. A beautiful nature, wild, preserved. Nature lives there all year round, we love it and respect it for everything it brings to our daily lives. The ranch is autonomous and runs on solar energy. The linen dries there in the sun. The dung of the horses serve as natural fertilizers. The buildings blend into the landscape and we collaborate with the inhabitants of the village and our region. When you come to us, you practice eco-friendly tourism holidays.

Family Holidays stays in tipis - Prices BnB tarifs

The horses

Family Holidays stays in tipis - Nos chevaux, notre famille

The horses of the ranch are the pillars of our activity. They are loved and pampered, we practice a natural and respectful horseback riding. Our horses live all year outside and are not shod. We offer a wide range of equestrian activities in the open air.


Family Holidays stays in tipis - Vacances en famille en Alentejo

From the archery to the setting up of a New World orchard, we offer many other activities within the ranch. Throughout your stay, our team will be happy to inform you about the many opportunities that the Alentejo offers you.

The ranch staff


Our team, Barberine equestrian guide and performing artist is responsible for equestrian programs and trainings & Diana experimented classic dressage teacher. 


Holidays at the ranch is Adventure, ressourcement,  discovery

consult our equestrian programs or share with us your wishes and expectations so we can propose to you the trip holidays you dream to have.

Family Holidays stays in tipis - Cavaliers du monde, une grande famille

Friends of animals and nature, Choose a quiet & relaxing stay or a sporty & active stay according to your desires. We also organize, from the ranch and on request, itinerant trips with a pack horse, to do on foot with family or friends.

Family Holidays stays in tipis - L'Alentejo pour des vacances en famille


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