Our stay in Estremoz

Stay & Accommodation in Glória – Estremoz

Our horses activities occur in Sharish – Monte das Estevas in Glória – Estremoz. We offer you the opportunity to stay in Sharish – Monte das Estevas a magnificent Country house.

Sharish – Monte das Estevas

Riding out in Estremoz

Book at Sharish – Monte das Estevas

Other hotels and accommodation in Estremoz

We can provide you with information, availability of local partner house and hotels in Estremoz !

Family farm house

Are you looking for Family stay ?
Choose to stay really close to the horses of ranch do Novo Mundo and rent this big family farm house with swimming pool.

Swimming pool from Eira dos Capelos Novos

More information about the family farm house 

The Pousada Castelo de Estremoz

The Pousada Castelo de Estremoz is an castel hotel located in Estremoz.

Riding out in Estremoz

More information about tThe Pousada Castelo of Estremoz

Casa Azimut

Want a modern stay in a big domain ? Casa Azimut is going to be your place.

More information about Casa Azimut

Dá Licença

Want an incredible artistic stay cross to nature ? Choose Dá Licença to combine with your equestrian vacations.

When art meets nature

More information about da licença

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