The equestrian Relay

The equestrian RELAY

The Ranch do Novo Mundo offers horseback relay service.

You rent one of our tipis or hiking with your own tent.
We have paddocks to accommodate your horses.

It’s therefore possible to participate in one of our activities or internships with your own horse.

Prices for the equestrian relay

Rental teepees: 50€ per 2 persons, 20€ for additional person.
For your horse: 10€ per day per horse.
A picnic to take with you: 10€.
You stay in your tent half board, with access to health: 35€ per person.
You stay in your tent, with access to health without meals: 10€ per person.

We only accept geldings and mares.

Welcome to our equestrian relay in Portugal

For a equestrian full board vacation price at the ranch click this link 




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