Classical dressage

Classical Dressage at the Ranch

Would you like classical dressage, in the sun, on a wonderful well schooled Lusitano horse, with our classical dressage teacher ?

Classical Dressage envolved from the cavalry movements and training for the battlefield, has since developed into the competitive dressage seen today.

Classical Dressage riding is the art of riding in harmony with, rather than against the horse.

Correct Classical Dressage riding only occurs when the rider has a good seat and a correct and well balanced body position, moving together with the horse his motion and applies the aids and the timing of aids correctly.

Classical Dressage and a independent seat

Developing an independent seat is absolutely essential for a rider aspires to be in balance with the horse.  An independent seat is wonderful to have and to see. It feels and looks like dancing with the horse.  A rider with an independent seat can move each body part independently.

Each part of his body is flexible enough to do its job without any compensation in another body part. The rider can balance perfectly over the horse his center of gravity at any gait without any gripping or tilting or grabbing with the legs.

Classical Dressage training week

In one week you can develop yourself to become a better rider and learn a lot about good training and riding.

Would you love to see the beauty of Alentejo from the horseback?

Classical dressage

Now it´s possible at the ranch to combine holidays at the ranch and classique dressage lessons.

Classical dressage

Our teacher Diana Joosten

Experience with horses and riders from beginner to Grand Prix. Specialist in Body awareness on the horseback. Kind and sympathetic approach to training and teaching.

Classical dressage with Diana Joosten

Diana Joosten our Classical dressage teacher

Lessons can be give in English, Dutch, German and Portuguese

27,5 euros a hour in group lesson
55 euros a hour in private lesson

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