Want booking a stay at the Ranch of the New World?

Send us an email (or call us) with your desired dates, how much people you are and the formula chosen to check our availability. A confirmation will be sent tu you by email confirming your dates, your booking, the cost of your holidays and bank details. Upon receipt of your deposit (25%) you will receive a confirmation email from us telling that your holidays are definitively booked.

How to reach us?

Either you choose to come to us by car or you come by plane.

You have two options if you choose to come by plane,
Either rent a car at the airport for the duration of your stay (visit the rentals rates in Portugal their are very reasonable). Require a servicetransfert (paying).

The ideal is to arrive via Faro airport, it is also possible to land in Lisbon. We do not offer lift service to Porto but feel free to arrive in Porto and join us on by your own.

Prices Service transfers airports.

Faro / Ranch of the New World. 1 person, 75 euros for a trip.
Faro / Ranch of the New World. 2 or + 90 euros for the trip.
Lisbon / Ranch of the New World. 1 people, 110 euros for a trip.
Lisbon / Ranch of the New World. 2 people or more 125 euros for a trip.


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