New ! Beginners riders Week-end package

Beginners riders Week-end package

This week-end package can be start any days of the week.
We can make another week-end packages adapted to your equestrian level and your wishes, including dressage lessons and/or working equitation. 


– Reception of the guest
– Horsemanship ( Horse relation ship )
– Dinner at the restaurant in Cuba, Vila de Frades or Vidigueira
– Accommodation in teepee

Restaurant geginners package


– Breakfast at the ranch
– First rider position
– Archery training
– Lunch at the ranch
– One in the saddle
– Horseback archery
– BBQ at the ranch + Country danse ( Optional )
– Accommodation in teepee

Accommodation in teepee - beginners package


– Breakfast at the ranch
– Riding leçon
– Lunch at the ranch
– Horse games
– Departure

tiro ao arco - Beginners package


From 2 to 4 persons : 225 € per person
Extra charge single : 50 €

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